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2019 Spring Baseball Schedule


March 30th

9am  Yankees vs Royals

10:15am Astros vs Giants

11:30am Rangers vs Reds


April 6th            

9am  Giants vs Reds

10:15 am Royals vs Rangers

11:30am  Astros vs Yankees


April 13th

9am  Astros vs Royals

10:15am Yankees vs Reds                                         Picture Day!!

11:30am Giants vs Rangers


April 20th

9am  Giants vs Yankees

10:15am Astros vs Rangers

11:30am Reds vs Royals


April 27th

9am  Reds vs Astros

10:15am Royals vs Giants

11:30am Yankees vs Rangers


May 4th

9am  Reds vs Rangers

10:15am Giants vs Astros                                          Awards Day!!

11:30am Royals vs Yankees