Miracle League Parker County Now Open

By Lance Winter | lwinter@star-telegram.com | The Star-Telegram

Miracle League Park Nears Completion, Time to Play Ball

What began almost nine months ago is becoming a reality in just a few short weeks.

Organizers with Miracle League Parker County are preparing to “play ball” as construction winds down on the project that broke ground back in November.

The facility, located at the 2300 block of Tin Top Road, is dedicated to those with special needs and is being built though the generosity of Amy and George Mercer. The couple agreed to underwrite the majority of the fields construction with a $500,000 contribution.

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The History of Miracle League Parker County started with the idea that all special needs children and young adults should be able to play ball. When George Mercer realized his son was going to age out of other organizations and he was going to have to tell him there was nowhere to play ball, he went to work with a group of community leaders. He donated the land and went before the Weatherford City Counsel to get zoning and water approved and brought to the land. Once this was done we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. This sounds like a short process but it has been a long time in the works and we are excited for not only what is to come but what Miracle League of Parker County will do for the community as a whole.




The construction of the new field has been in progress for several weeks.  Anticipated completion is the end of March.  A short spring season will be played in April. Registration has opened, click here to Register.   Here is a great example of a Miracle Field being constructed.